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TBRCi Glock Stubby Pistol Comp 9mm (1/2 x 28)

TBRCi (Texas Black Rifle Company)

TBRCi Glock Stubby Pistol Comp 9mm (1/2 x 28)

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 TBRC Stubby Comp, Glock Compensator – 9mm

Shoot faster and flatter with the TBRC Stubby Comp!

We took our standard Glock Micro Comp and made some adjustments to it to better fit Glock 17/22 Pistols. We removed the front top port to size it down. We widened the top port and shortened the side port to allow as much upward blast as possible. These modifications make for a very effective compensator even being as small as it is. The Stubby Comp will still remain shorter than an X300U on most aftermarket barrels (Will extended past light when using longer barrels such as KKM, Blacklist and Lonewolf) This allows you to comp your 17/22 while keeping a profile similar to the Glock 34. This set up is just a hair longer than a 34 so it will not work in all 34 holsters but does work on many of the popular 34/Roland Special holsters available on the market (please view images). The Comp will generally just barely extended past the bottom of the holster (please view photos for reference)

NO weird thread pitches, NO proprietary barrels. Use what you’ve got!

The TBRC Glock Micro Comp is threaded in the standard 1/2×28 thread pitch. Therefore, It will work on most 9mm Glock barrels threaded in that pitch, including most 40-9 conversion barrels! The Micro Comp only adds about .25″ to the end of your threaded barrel (this will vary based on the spec of your barrel). Our comp was designed with the Clock 17 in mind but will work great on other 9mm Glocks! The Stubby Comp mitigates recoil and keeps your gun flat throughout recoil.


Just like our Billet Receiver Sets and our AMR Handguards The Stubby Comp is machined right here in Shiner, TX from AMERICAN MADE Billet 7075-T6 Aluminum and finished just up the road in Type III Hard Coat Anodizing. We believe strongly in supporting local and American industries. No cheap aluminum or steel for TBRC. All our material is certified made in the U.S.A.

Set screws index on your barrel’s shoulder, NOT the threads.

Weight: 0.8oz

Size: 1″ x .92″ x .78″

**Please note: Adding a compensator to your pistol sometimes requires some fine tuning. Because a compensator mitigates recoil, your slide may not be able to cycle completely. Performance is gun and ammo dependent. Example: I am running a 15lb recoil spring and a 5lb striker spring to ensure proper and reliable functionality. We do not recommend making these modifications without consulting a qualified Gunsmith first. The fit of the Micro Comp will vary based on the spec of you particular threaded barrel. Some barrels will allow the comp to fit more closely to the slide than others.




From Matt Hollinger on Facebook:


Ok, I have done the thing with the stuff. Because of the length of the X300U there are really only two numbers you need to worry about. They are as follows:

G19/17 with Stubby & X300U: ~8.155"

G19 with Stubby & TLR-1HL: ~7.80"

That's ~.355" shorter from one system over the other. In my experience, that could be the difference from one being uncomfortable to the other being completely comfortable. It could be the difference between your holster jabbing you in the thigh, or not. And if you aren't afraid of a dremel wheel and belt sander, you could shorten up CNC's TLR Keroman (see photo) if you chose to run the Stubby Comp.

Micro Comp V3 on the right, Stubby on the left

Micro Comp V3 


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