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Raven Concealment Roland Special Phantom Holster, Holsters, Raven Concealment Systems,Raven Concealment Roland Special Phantom Holster - Big Tex Outdoors

Raven Concealment Systems

Raven Concealment Roland Special Phantom Holster

$ 179.99


The legendary Phantom LC has been adapted to perfectly compliment the unique features and applications of the famous “Roland Special” pistol.  

What is the “Roland Special?”  It’s a specially modified Glock 19 pistol, created by the brain-trust at Presscheck Consulting.  Read more about it here:

This holster was created with direct feedback from "Roland" of Presscheck Consulting, to ensure that the weapon and holster are perfectly suited for their intended application.

In addition to its unique, aggressive looks, the Roland Special Phantom LC comes with a brand-new belt-attachment accessory:  The Drop/Offset kit.  This kit (retail price $24.99) consists of a drop-bracket and a spacer, which allows the shooter to add drop, offset, or both to the ride of the holster.  This makes the holster configurable for more direct-action roles.

The kit also comes with a set of 1.5” Pancake Wings (retail price $19.99), which, when attached directly to the holster body, pull the weapon in tight for optimal concealed-carry roles.

The kit also includes a set of our Quick-Mount Straps (QMS) (retail price $29.99) which allow rapid donning and doffing of the holster.

This holster fits the following variants of Glock 19 pistols with Surefire X-300 U/A/B:

ATEI Roland Special 

Glock 19 MOS 

Glock Gen 3 G19

Glock Gen 4 G19

Agency Arms G19

Zev Tech G19

Fowler Industries G19

WOTG Tomahawk G19

Boresight Solutions G19


Barrels that fit the above configurations:

Stock G19 

Threaded G19

KKM Comp Barrel

The #ROLANDSPECIAL Phantom is a cutting edge collaboration between Raven Concealment Systems and Presscheck Consulting. To address the rising popularity of the Roland Special Pistol System the engineering team at RCS came up with an innovative solution. This holster offers the end user total flexibility with configuration of holster setup. The Roland Special Phantom will work with standard Glock 19’s with a Surefire X300U to help support customers in the process of building a RS pistol.

Holster Details
-G19 with a Surefire X300U
-Compatibility with KKM G19 Compensator
-Trigger Finger Index Points
-Short Body Shield
-0 Degree Cant
-Optics Ready
-Drop and offset kit
-QMS (Quick Mounting Straps)
-1.5” Pancake Wings

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