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COMBO Raven Concealment PHANTOM + Overwatch FALX or TAC

Raven Concealment Systems

COMBO Raven Concealment PHANTOM + Overwatch FALX or TAC

$ 136.01

This EXTREMELY LIMITED combo package includes an Overwatch Precision FALX or TAC Trigger and a Raven Concealment Phantom OWB holster for Glock 19 & Glock 17 pistols. $140 - $150 including shipping!


    The Phantom Modular Holster has become the standard by which all other holsters are judged. Copied by many but equaled by none, the Phantom Modular Holster is the first choice of armed professionals and civilians.The Phantom was designed from the outset to provide the highest possible level of concealment by being adaptable to wear with virtually any style of clothing. What makes the Phantom so unique is its ultra-thin, body-hugging pancake profile. This profile, in conjunction with our Eclipse Modular Mounting System, allows the Phantom to be worn either on the belt or inside the waistband.

    We construct the body of the holster from thin, high-strength Kydex-T. We chose to use a pancake-style design in order to minimize bulk and distribute the weight of the firearm over a wider area on the belt. The “outside” portion of the holster body fully enshrouds the weapon from ejection port to muzzle. The “inside” or “body-side” portion of the holster incorporates a full-length body shield. This enhances comfort and aids in re-holstering, while simultaneously protecting the controls of the pistol.

    The Phantom ships with your choice of belt mounting option. All Phantoms are designed around the Eclipse Modular Mounting System, and are therefore compatible with all Eclipse Modular Accessories. Through the use of Eclipse Modular Accessories, the Phantom can be converted to one of over 20 different styles of OWB or IWB carry.

    The Phantom Modular Holster has been proven under fire through heavy daily use around the globe for over five years. Since its introduction, tens of thousands of Phantoms have been used for everything from day-to-day concealed carry by civilians to offensive operations by Tier-1 military units. No other holster even approaches the versatility and functionality of the Phantom. Nor does any copycat product have the proven track record of the RCS Phantom.

    The Phantom Modular Holster is compatible with non-suppressor height aftermark sights.


    The Overwatch Precision Falx trigger was designed out of the desire to bring the performance advantages of our flat-faced trigger to shooters who either prefer a curved face, or who shoot with more finger inside the trigger guard. We've carved the Falx out of 7075-T6 Billet, hardcoat anodized it, pinned it to a Gen 3 NP3 plated trigger bar. It drops right in, keeps all factory safeties intact, and is ready to rock in less than 5 minutes. Out first run is a small run, so snag this hotness while you can. 

    • Reduced Pre-Travel
    • Tactile Reset
    • Machined out of billet 7075-T6 aluminum alloy
    • Likes it when you get #KnucksDeep and weird with it. You know what we mean. 
    • Type III hard coat anodized to MIL-A-8625 standard, so you can get rough with it. (See above)
    • NP3 Plated Gen 3 Trigger Bar

    Important Notes:

    In case you were wondering, Gen 3 trigger bars are completely functional and safe in Gen 4 weapons.


    Also, our lawyer says that this should be installed by a qualified gunsmith.



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